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Green Travel with Yankee Line

Bus Travel - Smallest Carbon Footprint of Any Transportation!

Green Travel with Yankee LineWhen you travel with Yankee Line, it means you have chosen green travel. So when you decide to choose one of the safest modes of travel you are also choosing one of the greenest mode of transport available. The only greener way to travel is to by electric car that you charge with solar panels, or by biking or on foot. Just like you, we love the environment and so we love green travel. Of course, for long distance travel that is both comfortable, safe and green there is no better solution than bus transportation!

We really feel that being good stewards to this beautiful Earth is our responsibility, and we are very proud to help with that. And you can help too, but choosing green travel with us. One of our extremely comfortable and clean vehicles is your best choice for green travel. Motorcoaches reduce traffic and highway congestion. A single Yankee Line bus or motorcoach can take as many as 56 cars off the road! Just think of it: that’s millions of cars not being driven which saves on fuel, cuts tailpipe emissions and reduces noise pollution.

When you think green, bus travel really is the only way to go!